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Influenced by the music of icons such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, to name a few. The name Jaiid depicts a shade of the colour green, and symbolises life, which is the main theme of this concept. Jaiid enforces UNIVERSAL love, kindness and compassion towards ALL beings on Earth, and through her music, encourages us all to strive towards making our one and only planet better. Speed Of Light is the first song to come from Jaiid and is the first song to be made available to the public via digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and now Musindie, with Jaiid’s second single in the finishing stages. Jaiid invites collaborations from DJ/producers and offers her lyrical writing and vocal talents to create more original music.


Songwriting Songwriter Singer - Female Singer Lyric Writer


Pop Singer/Songwriter Rock Electronic Dance

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