Dmitry Zaytsev

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Rhythmystica (Ритмистика) is a solo project o Moscow musician, arranger, composer and songwriter Dmitry Zaytsev. Dmitry was born in Moscow in 1975. He finished the Russian Musical Academy named by Gnesins as a bass-guitarist and jazz composer. In 2002 he took part won the first prize at the festival "Music of the new Generation, XXI century in the nomination- "Jazz composer" Nearly at that time Dmitry switched his interest into pop, rock, disco, funk and latin music. In 2006 he formed his solo project Rhythmstica (Ритмистика) were he became a composer, arranger, singer, bass player, guitar player and sound producer. in 2014 JTVDigital had published the first album of the project "Heavenly Ways" ("Небесные пути") 8 songs were based on the lyrics of Moscow poet Ivan Kirichenko nd written in different styles: rock, art-rock, disco and salsa... in 2015-2016 Dmitry continued developing his songwriter's skills at Berklee Colldege (online) As a result Rhythmystica recorded two new singles in English: "Way to you Heart" (in collaboration with the remarkable poet/singer/songwriterRandi Fay) and "Love Has Gone" Both singles were written in pop-rock/brit-pop style and also in together with American singers/songwriters Kaie Snider and Lisa Sprinkle he recorded a pop -latin single in Spanglish called "TeQuiero " Dmitry currently works in the band of the famous Russian pop-star Denis Klyaver as a bass player and working on his new material for Rhythmystica in English and Russian


Songwriter Music Arranger Recording / Audio Engineer Singer Bass Guitar


Rock Alternative Latino Indie Pop Pop

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