Adam Bailie

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Some say: practice will never make perfect. Sometimes, perfection is a stubborn refusal to compromise for anything but a unique interpretation of oneself. Here lies Adam Bailie. If anyone was ready for his voice to be heard, it's the self made, wildly original and critically acclaimed artist. His presence as a consistent writer and entertainer on the Canadian music scene may stretch back more than a decade (disguising himself under numerous aliases and combos), but his debut self-titled album, leaves you wondering how you may have never heard his voice before. His acoustic guitar playing and songwriting has led him onto some of the bigger stages. He records and mixes from anywhere through a mobile studio. Numerous recordings have become internationally well known commercials as well as radio singles. From growing up in small-town Ontario, Canada to studying in downtown Los Angeles, Adam Bailie goes wherever the music takes him.


Sound Engineer Producer - Music Guitar - Acoustic Recording / Audio Engineer Singer - Male


Country Singer/Songwriter R&B/Soul

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