Kevin Baker

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I am classically trained in composition, piano and classical guitar. The styles I write music in reflect the styles I like to listen to: Baroque, Romantic (Chopin, Sibelius, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert), and more modern serious genres. For popular music I like and write original progressive metal and art rock music (like Opeth, Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zeppelin), and can perform, keyboards, bass, some rhythm guitar and clean lead and backup vocals. What I lack lyrics, percussion, lead guitar, bass solos, and advanced rhythm guitar. My goal is to make great music and make it available on all streaming music services. The angle and the edge I have is to make each song an experiment in neuroscience, i.e. put the "hook" of a perfect melody or riff into the brain of the listener, scientifically.


Songwriter Film & TV Composer Singer - Male Piano Music Arranger


Jazz Rock Classical Soundtrack Alternative

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