Outline the Skies

Creator: Leng Boonwaat
Writer(s): Name withheld by request
Artist(s): Leng Boonwaat

Song Description

This track was creator for a Splice producer challenge but I thought I'd post it here anyway. I like working with complete songs and the Outline the Skies accapella from Ill-Esha Intonations - Black Octopus Sound, is sung beautifully. It took a while to find chords that fit into the melody. I used piano initially but then ended up using guitar sounds combined with synth sounds loaded into Reason 10 DAW. I found a bass sound from Serum which seems to work well too, and a hip hop drum beat that makes the tune easy to slow dance too. Ill-Esha has requested her name not be used in the track naming/title format. .

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