Without your love  

Without your love

Creator: Markus T
Writer(s): Markus T
Artist(s): Markus T



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Expected Completion:


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Song Description

A new track I am working on with a slower funky groove. Looking for some talent on lyrics, rap vocals and female vocals. Spoken rap lyrics are from Bar 5 (15s to 41s) then vocals kick in then second verse rap lyrics from Bar 33 (1.50 to 2.44). I am open to lyric suggestions but I like the words "without your love" at the end of the chorus in the context I can't live without your love. BTW = the prominent vocal line/sound in pre-chorus and chorus is to give some ideas on melody - I would take this out when real vocals are used.

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Looking For

  • Singer - Male
  • Lyric Writer
  • Singer - Female

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