About musindie

musindie was born out of a desire to support the creative and economic growth of independent original songwriters and artists, plus those who support and service the independent music industry.

As independent musicians ourselves, we understand the process and costs of writing, rehearsing, recording and producing original music can be both daunting and expensive. Whilst internet/digital/cloud technologies have brought change, disruption and challenges to many musicians and artists, these same technologies can also be used to provide opportunities and better access to creative resources.

We created musindie as a community-led music creation and collaboration platform allowing like-minded indie artists to create, produce and publish their original music from one central hub. musindie provides opportunities for anyone to find the necessary skills, contacts, tools and resources to see their original ideas transformed into complete published songs for others to hear, purchase and enjoy.

Within musindie.com our online community of original musicians and industry professionals can:

  • Explore collaboration opportunities based on interests, talents and skills
  • Pitch talents to original song projects
  • Set-up and agree song ownership and copyright agreements for each new song project
  • Publish and sell your completed songs on musindie.com, plus discover and support other artists
  • Take control and manage your music earnings and outlays from one central hub

Come and join our independent music revolution today!

Mark Townley and Matt Glover
musindie founders

musindie.com (.net, com.au and .asia) is owned and operated by Musindie Pty Ltd, a private company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Come and join the musindie community!